Love At First Sight

I love D.C. and its intellectual, sophisticated culture. But having lived in a big city all my life (Hong Kong then San Francisco), I was ready for something different. An introvert at heart, I wanted a quaint neighborhood that offers easy access to amenities, shops, and the metro without all the crazy people and traffic. […]

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Your Money Is As Good As Your Team

If you can’t pay, you can’t play. But just because you’ve got the dough doesn’t mean you’ll be a successful buyer. Before you begin the hunt, you have to be honest with yourself, recognize your weaknesses, and understand how to mitigate them by surrounding yourself with an all-star real estate team. My weakness #1: I […]

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My American Dream

Unlike most little girls who grow up dreaming of their perfect wedding, I have always dreamt of my perfect tower. Since my financial circumstances do not allow for a Qu Tower (QT) at the moment, I thought a house would be a good compromise. My therapist once told me that a way to stop comparing […]

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Why Am I Doing This?

This is about to get real personal. If you’re wondering why I’m starting a blog on home buying, the answer is simple. I’m very insecure about my writing, and had no clue what a fixed-rate mortgage is until a month ago. My hope is the feedback I get from you guys will allow me to be a […]

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